Let your limitations be your liberation ~ from expert in nonverbal communication

Let your limitations be your liberation: How one man took his ADD, dyslexia and a 4th grade reading level to world-renowned expert in nonverbal communication

In this episode Michael Grinder gives us a crash course in how to communicate… he will share important body language and nonverbal skills that develop your power of influence regardless of your background.

Michael Grinder will be the first to admit he wasn’t an easy child… yet during those difficult childhood days with learning disabilities, he developed a multitude of “coping-skills” including a profound and deep understanding of nonverbal communication and how to predict with astonishing accuracy what people will do next.

For this episode Michael’s insights will teach you about others and your self at a deeper level. So fasten your seat belts and prepare to be amazed.

I want it all, but who has the time?

As women we can do a lot. Yet, all too often, we think we can do it all, need to be needed, do too much for others, give, give and give some more to make our self always come last….  Let me tell you from experience, that doesn’t work in the long haul…. Janet Allison […]

Master the Art of Being Bossy Without the “B” Label

Master the Art of Being Bossy Without the “B” Label… + Cracking the Leadership Code Join Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio and Dr. Michelle Pizer, the master of “Cracking the Leadership Code,” to learn how to: – Manage people while managing yourself – Inspire and influence others with integrity – Develop safety, trust […]

CloseUP-Conscious, Courageous Communication for Success

Recently, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by eWNetwork Radio Host Phyllis Smith. Above is the recording of our chat. Courage is a muscle. And just like a muscle, courage needs to be practiced and performed to build confidence. Communication specialist and best-selling author, Sharon Sayler, offers simple tips on how you can appear […]

What To Do When Your “Love-Letters” Spell C-O-N-F-L-I-C-T

Join your host for Life Interrupted Radio Sharon Sayler as she welcomes Annie Lalla — the “Cartographer of Love” on February 13th at 7PM EST.

Annie Lalla is a relationship coach specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution — that about sums ups relationships doesn’t it?!

Life Interrupted Radio has captured this busy relationship coach for the entire hour! She has generously agreed to share her suite of practical tools that help her own clients resolve toxic patterns, develop romantic esteem, diffuse conflict, assuage shame and blame so we can cultivate deep, resilient relationships that last a lifetime. Now, who doesn’t want that?!

When Once Upon A Time Becomes Nevermore…

Let’s face it, even with rose-colored glasses leaving a relationship hurts. Hurts bad! You can only cry in the shower while singing Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart so many times…

“Once upon a time I was falling in love…. Now I’m only falling apart. There’s nothing I can do… a total eclipse of the heart. Once upon a time there was light in my life….”

As long as you keep replaying those old love songs from the past, the pain will stay the same. So join host Sharon Sayler for this episode of Life Interrupted Radio where divorce recovery expert Kristen Darcy shows us five ways to stop the drama, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and create a new life filled with love and simple (simple isn’t always easy) ways to move forward with confidence.